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Artistic actress flaunts furry writing bush

Nikkan Gendai Sep. 8
Nikkan Gendai Sep. 8
Ooops, did we write “bush” in the headline? Maybe it was a Freudian slip. Read on. It seems that Kazuo Kajiyama, reporting in Nikkan Gendai (Sep. 8), was asked to serve as assistant to a gal who gives erotic calligraphy performances. She goes by the moniker Minako and gave a calligraphy performance at a “happening bar” in Akasaka. Kajiyama was invited to keep the ink flowing, in more ways than one.

A happening bar, for the uninitiated, is a place where all sorts of outrageous and kinky things happen, and Minako, a 31-year-old actress, not only has something of an exhibitionistic bent, but also happens to be a fully qualified instructress in the art of brush calligraphy.

As it turned out, our “bush” reference was not entirely incorrect; an audience of about 20 male patrons were astonished to see that Minako’s artistry is not limited to writing solely with her hands.

Accompanied by her male assistant decked out in a Japanese kimono, she made her appearance completely nude.

“Teacher, preparations have been completed!” the assistant proclaims.

Minako is handed a brush, the tip of which has been dipped into an inkstone. She then solicits members of the audience for requests.

“Please write ‘Ai,'” exclaims one, requesting that she write the Sino-Japanese ideograph meaning “love.”

Squatting vertically above a sheet of paper, she inserts the brush into her vagina and, slowly contorting her anatomy to follow the stroke pattern of the character, produces 愛 (ai), as the audience ogles in amazement.

“Kajiyama, next!” she orders.

The second brush is not your everyday variety, but rather a custom-made device that combines calligraphy brush with a vibrator. She flips the switch to “on” and slides it inside, and is soon grinding her pelvis and batting her eyelashes while emitting little grunts of pleasure.

Squatting above a fresh sheet of paper, this time she sensually inscribes 夢 (yume), meaning “dream.” And her performance is once again word perfect.

How can Minako manage such masterful calligraphy, despite the distraction of being diddled by a dildo down there in her most sensitive spot?

“Well I’ve been keeping in practice,” she replies. “If there’s a way to do it, I’d like to embark on a world tour.”

Carnegie Hall, here she comes! (K.S.)

Source: “Kokan de moji wo kaku shoka no tappitsu-buri ni kyotan,” Nikkan Gendai (Sep. 8, page 22)