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Akita call girl calls cops, turns the tables on thieving teacher

Tokyo Sports Nov. 1
Tokyo Sports Nov. 1
On October 30, the central police station in Akita City informed a 31-year-old high school teacher from Sendai he was under arrest on a charge of theft.

Tokyo Sports (Nov. 1) reports that the police took action after a teenaged “delivery health” (out-call sex service) worker charged the man from stealing 16,000 yen from her handbag last August, after he had phoned a service and requested she be dispatched to his hotel room in Akita for a sex session.

She had noticed the money missing from her bag the following morning and taken her complaint to the authorities. She identified the perpetrator from a security video taped at the hotel.

“I suppose he swiped the money from her handbag while she was showering, as it’s common, when a couple bathes together, for the man to get out of the shower first,” says a source familiar with the sex trade. “I guess he saw her unguarded bag and couldn’t restrain himself.”

While deri heru businesses are legal in Japan (as long as no vaginal intercourse takes place), it is still considered highly unusual for a sex service worker to turn to the police when they are victimized in such a manner. Tokyo Sports believes this an indication that women now feel there is less stigma attached to working in the sex trade.

“The way they see things, a job’s a job, and stealing is stealing,” says the aforementioned source. Demanding justice from a crooked John, the sports tabloid says, shows that women’s attitudes have definitely changed. (K.S.)

Source: “Fuzoku-jo ni ‘ihen,’ setto higai no deriherujo, kyaku no koko kyoshi wo dodo tsuho,” Tokyo Sports (Nov. 1, page 14)