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Tokyo cops: Drunken councilor punched cabbie

A screenshot of suspect profile on his official website (TV Asahi)
A screenshot of suspect Daisuke Akasaka’s profile on his official website (TV Asahi)

TOKYO (TR) – A male councilor here was arrested for punching a male cabdriver after consuming alcohol because he refused to take a right turn in a no right turn area , the Sankei Shimbun reported on Tuesday (August 30).

Daisuke Akasaka, 44, a councilor of Minato Ward, was arrested on bodily injury charges for allegedly punching a male taxi driver on a street in Minato Ward late at night on July 14, causing injuries that will take three weeks to recover from, the Akasaka Station Police said.

Akasaka admitted to the charges, saying he punched the driver because he “wouldn’t drive the way he was told.”

Akasaka allegedly ordered the driver to take a right turn in a no right turn area, the Asahi Shimbun reported.

“I got upset at what the driver was saying,” Akasaka was quoted as telling police by the Asahi.

Akasaka, who was drinking earlier on, started arguing with the driver and kicked the taxi after paying his fare.

The driver stepped out of the vehicle and was assaulted by Akasaka, police said.

The driver tracked down Akasaka’s identity and reported the incident to police, who provided support.

Akasaka is now in his third term after being elected in 2007. His past posts include parliamentary chairman and budget committee chairman, according to his website profile.