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Osaka man accused of murdering girlfriend

Outside the residence in Fukushima Ward
Outside the residence in Fukushima Ward

OSAKA (TR) – A man was arrested on Friday for alleged murder after a woman he was dating, who told police he was physically abusing her, was found dead with multiple signs of internal bleeding.

Osaka Prefectural Police responded to an emergency call that a “woman is collapsed in a room” and raced to an apartment residence in the Yoshino area of Fukushima Ward, where the victim, Kasumi Nishiyama, 40, was confirmed dead, the Asahi Shimbun reports (August 12).

Police arrested Shin Hashimoto, 42, Nishiyama’s dating partner, who admitted “beating her with my fists and a stick” but denied murderous intent, TBS News reported.

“I punched her and ended up killing her,” Hashimoto was quoted by the Sankei Shimbun as telling police.

Nishiyama, who previously told Fukushima Station Police she was being abused by Hashimoto, was found naked lying on her back with multiple signs of internal bleeding on her upper torso.

Hashimoto, who made the emergency call, was not at the scene when paramedics arrived. He was eventually identified from the phone number that was used and questioned by police later on in Osaka.

A neighbor told Kansai TV they “remember hearing something that could’ve been a scream at some point.”