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Member of University of Tokyo sexual assault gang stands trial

Kensuke Matsumi
Kensuke Matsumi

TOKYO (TR) – The Tokyo District Court held the first hearing on Monday for case involving a University of Tokyo student who formed a group with his friends and allegedly forced a college girl to strip naked before sexually abusing her, including prodding her anus with chopsticks.

Kensuke Matsumi, 22, who was indicted along with two other University of Tokyo students, said during questioning that he “enjoys molesting women with a disheveled look at drinking parties and forcing them to strip,” Sports Hochi reports (September 5).

Wearing a white shirt with black pants, Matsumi remained stone-faced as he answered questions about the sexual abuse the woman was subjected to.

“I was naive to think I would be forgiven for the atmosphere of the place,” Matsumi told the court.

Prosecutors are seeking a two-year jail term for Matsumi, while the defense is pushing for a ruling with probation because the “crime started because of his seniors’ evil antics.”

Prosecutors argued that the “humiliation and fear that was forced on the woman, who couldn’t escape, will have a long impact. The defendant bears heavy criminal responsibility.”

Gang to assault drunk women

Matsumi and his five-member gang formed a “University of Tokyo birthday research group” in April this year with the goal of sexually assaulting women after getting them drunk, according to prosecutors, who said Matsumi was responsible for organizing the group.

On May 11 sometime past midnight, Matsumi, Yasutomo Komoto, 22, Koki Matsumoto, 23, and two other students forced a female university student to strip before straddling her, forcibly kissing her and dropping hot noodles on her chest. The incident took place at a residence of one of the group members after a night of drinking at an izakaya restaurant.

Matsumoto was charged with assault for slapping the victim’s back with his palms, hard enough to leave a red mark on her back. He reportedly told the group that the woman “has a seriously large rack so it’s OK to touch them.”

The gang also kicked her, blew hot air from a dryer at her genitals while she was crouched down, and prodded her anus with disposable chopsticks, according to the woman’s statements in court.

Matsumi wrote a letter of apology to the woman three times before his indictment and three times afterward, and also tried to offer a settlement through lawyers, but the woman did not respond, the defense said.

“Not a strong drinker”

Matsumi’s mother, who appeared as a witness in court, claimed her son was not a strong drinker and was the type to have two cups of shochu, a distilled spirit, in the evening at home.

But cross-examination revealed that the suspect consumed alcohol and sexually abused the woman.

“I think I had about one sho (1.8 liters) of shochu,” Matsumi told the court. “I think it was an especially big amount.”

When asked if he drank because he was trying to get the woman to drink, Matsumi said he “might’ve felt that way. I did want to liven things up.”

The woman was forced to play a drinking game at the izakaya where she had to drink shochu straight if she lost, or strip, the defense said.

The University of Tokyo has yet to decide on punishment for Matsumi and his gang.

Matsumi has been confined to his home since early June when he was released on bail, and has not attended university.