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Japanese bras for men

Men's Premium Brassiere
Sales of Men’s Premium Brassiere have been doing well at lingerie outlet WishRoom

TOKYO (TR) – Web site J-cast is reporting brisk sales for bras for men from a Japanese maker.

In the three weeks before November 28, lingerie outlet WishRoom sold 600 of their Men’s Premium Brassiere product (2,940 yen) through such outlets as online mall The rather narrow polyester supporter comes in black, pink and white, and two bust sizes, with the largest reaching 100 centimeters.

Using an ad copy reading “You don’t have a men’s bra?” the firm is targeting average men who are seeking a relaxed feel, a sense of security, and a desire to understand female sensitivities.

Wishroom told J-cast that it initially planned on producing only 200 per month but the demand has been “earth shattering.” The company is struggling with interview requests and orders in English from such overseas locations as the U.S. and U.K., and it worries about just how suitable its garments will be for foreign frames.