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Fukushima teacher taped students’ mouths; gets 10% pay cut

A teacher in Fukushima Prefecture taped shut students' mouths because they wouldn't stop murmuring in class
A teacher in Fukushima Prefecture taped shut students’ mouths because they wouldn’t stop murmuring in class (

FUKUSHIMA (TR) – A male teacher here was received a pay cut on Friday for abusing his students by duct-taping their mouths shut and force-feeding them extra-large lunch meals.

The 48-year-old teacher of an elementary school in Iwaki City was given a 10 percent reduction in salary for three months for duct-taping multiple students’ mouths shut because they allegedly didn’t stop murmuring during class between April and July, the Sankei Shimbun reports (September 9).

The teacher told school officials he was “feeling anxious because my classes weren’t going well.”

The teacher also force-fed extra-large school lunches to students who forgot things at home.

School officials began an investigation after they were alerted by a parental guardian of one of the abused children in July.