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Chilean man wanted in disappearance of Japanese woman said in video she must ‘pay’

Narumi Kurosaki has been missing since December 4
Narumi Kurosaki has been missing since December 4

FRANCE (TR) – The Chilean man wanted by INTERPOL over the suspected abduction and murder of Narumi Kurosaki, 21, had uploaded a video last year demanding she “needs to pay a little cost for what she did,” Fuji News Network reported on Tuesday (Jan. 3).

The 26-year-old suspect, a former boyfriend of Kurosaki, can be heard saying in English that she “needs to build trust and she needs to pay a little cost for what she did…If until the 21st of September she follows all the conditions, I’m going to [forgive her]” in a video titled “Statement” he uploaded to the internet in September, 2016.

The suspect is believed to have imposed a condition on Kurosaki that she had to fulfill until September 21, 2016 for her to maintain a relationship with him.

French authorities also found that the man had uploaded selfie footage of the pair in April 2016, and believe they had relationship problems.

Kurosaki, a Tokyo native currently enrolled at the University of Franche-Comte in the city of Besancon, located in eastern France, disappeared after she ate at a restaurant on December 4 with the suspect.

The whereabouts of Kurosaki are unknown. Yet police in Bensancon are seeking the suspect on suspicion that he killed her.

Voluntarily visited police

The Chilean man is also believed to have voluntarily visited police headquarters in Santiago, Chile, sometime around Dec. 30 for questioning.

A local media source told TV Asahi (Jan. 3) that the suspect “visited police a few days ago and explained his position and let go after giving his testimony, according to police authority sources.”