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‘Lesbian Love’ follows ‘World of Women’s Thighs’ as 2nd exhibition canceled at Ikebukuro Marui

Lesbian Love Exhibition
“Lesbian Love Exhibition” was scheduled to run between March 9 and 26 at Ikebukuro Marui

TOKYO (TR) – The organizer of an exhibition at a department store that features drawings and photographs dedicated to the motif of lesbian love has announced the cancellation of the event, the second cancellation at the store this month.

On March 12, retailer Village Vanguard announced the cancellation of “Lesbian Love Exhibition,” which was scheduled to be held at Ikebukuro Marui in Toshima Ward between March 17 and 25.

“Since it would be difficult for all of the participating artists to display and sell their goods, we decided to cancel the show at Ikebukuro Marui,” Village Vanguard said on the exhibition’s official site. It added that a substitute location is being sought.

Earlier this month, Marui Group announced the cancellation of “World of Women’s Thighs Exhibition.” The show was to include about 500 photographs that show the thighs of women in various revealing settings.

After the announcement of “Women’s Thighs” last month, social media erupted, with some persons claiming the content was not suitable for pubic consumption and others questioning whether some of the subjects were minors.

According to the web site of “Lesbian Love Exhibition,” the works intended for the show primarily includes manga and photographs whose subjects are school girls. The show previously ran at Ikebukuro Marui in 2016 and last year.

When reached for comment about the cancellation of “Lesbian Love” by J-Cast News (Mar. 13), Marui Group said the decision to terminate the show was made after it was learned that some of the artists from “Women’s Thighs” were also participating in “Lesbian Love.”

“Lesbian Love” is still scheduled to run in Osaka and Fukuoka City later this month and in April, according to the organizer.