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Wakayama cops: Corpse found in mountains is missing carpenter

Tadayoshi Batani
Tadayoshi Batani went missing in December

WAKAYAMA (TR) – Wakayama Prefectural Police have identified a male corpse found in a mountainous area of Tanabe City last week as that of a missing carpenter, reports Nippon News Network (Jan. 13).

Using dental records and other means, police have confirmed that the body found by a cleaning crew off a prefectural road in the village of Ryujin on January 10 is that of Tadayoshi Batani, a 50-year-old carpenter who went missing in December of last year.

An autopsy conducted on the body revealed the cause of the death to be shock brought about by loss of blood from a stab wound to the right shoulder.

The body was wrapped in a blue tarp tied with a white vinyl cord such that the person’s feet were visible. Measuring approximately 175 centimeters in height, the corpse was clothed in sweat pants and a long-sleeve shirt.

Police are investigating the case as murder and abandoning a corpse.

Batani lived with his daughter in the town of Kamitonda. After she had been unable to reach him, she received a message, claiming to be from her father, that indicated he had taken up work in a different location. “Do not come looking for me,” the message said. Police suspect that the message was actually sent by the perpetrator in the case as a diversion.