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Treats from Tenga to tempt pocket pool players

Tenga's Click Ball
Tenga’s Click Ball
TOKYO (TR) – Next month, Japan’s premier manufacturer of masturbation goods will release a pocket-size product for men, the company announced earlier this month.

Beginning on May 1, Tenga will issue the Pocket Tenga line of lubricated sleeves in three varieties, with each containing a unique textured pattern on the inner surface: Click Ball (circular dots), Wave Line (gentle undulations) and Block Edge (box shapes).

The product, priced at 198 yen, is fully disposable. The user opens the wrapper, removes the sleeve and adds the Play Gel lubricant. Upon completion, the package can then be taped shut and discarded easily.

Through May 14, Tenga will be offering customers a chance to win a Pocket Tenga product. Information is available on the company’s Web site.