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Tokyo: Man posed as doctor in marriage swindle of woman

Osamu Kurita
Osamu Kurita (Twitter)
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 45-year-old man over the alleged swindle of a woman in which he posed as a doctor, reports TV Asahi (July 3).

Last year, Osamu Kurita obtained a credit card from the woman, aged in her 30s and living in the capital, after he suggested that they get married and live in a home he claimed to have purchased. After receiving the card, the suspect allegedly obtained 500,000 yen in cash, saying that he would extend a loan to her for her share of the home.

Kurita denies the allegations, according to police.

The suspect met the victim on a site for persons wishing to partake in konkatsu, or marriage-seeking activities. In courting the woman, the suspect falsely told her that he was a doctor at a university hospital.

The victim contacted police after one of her female colleagues expressed concern over the financial arrangement with the suspect. In conducting the investigation, police determined the suspect never purchased a home.