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Tokyo hospital denies surgeon molested woman after operation

Yanagihara Hospital
Yanagihara Hospital

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a surgeon for allegedly molesting a woman after an operation at a hospital. The institution denies the accusation, reports NHK (Aug. 25).

In May, Susumu Sekine, 40, is alleged to have performed an obscene act on the woman, aged in her 30s, as she awoke from anesthesia following a chest operation at the Yanagihara Hospital, located in Adachi Ward.

Sekine, who has been charged with quasi-indecent assault, denies the charges.

A representative from the Yanagira Hospital says the arrest is unjust. “Hallucinations and illusions that occur after surgery with general anesthesia are the basis of the patient’s complaint, making the arrest by the police unjust,” the representative said. “An investigation by the hospital did not uncover the occurrence of an obscene act, and we are seeking (the surgeon’s) quick release.”