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Tokyo: Elderly woman dragged 30 meters by truck in purse-snatching incident

in Katsushika Ward
A woman was dragged about 30 meters during a purses-snatching incident in Katsushika Ward on Thursday
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have released security camera footage showing an elderly woman being dragged for several dozen meters by a truck during a purse-snatching incident in Katsushika Ward on Thursday, reports TBS News (Feb. 2).

At around 12:20 p.m., a man driving the white vehicle called out to the woman as she walked with an umbrella on a road in the ward. As she turned to face the front of the vehicle near its right rear view mirror, the driver grabbed her purse through the window and sped off.

In the provided video footage, the woman can be seen clinging to the bag and the umbrella as the truck barreled through the residential district, her body swinging face-down off to the side of the vehicle.

As the truck started to turn left, her body flopped over and her left foot got caught under its right-rear wheel, causing her shoe to come off. When it finished the turn, she let go of the bag and the vehicle disappeared from view.

The woman suffered light injuries to her head during the incident, in which she was dragged an estimated 30 meters. The bag contained about 1,000 yen in cash, police said.

Police are searching for the whereabouts of the driver on suspicion of robbery resulting in injury.