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Tokyo cops use sting to nab woman in attempted fraud of man

Miki Yaezu
Miki Yaezu has been accused in the attempted fraud of 2 million yen from a man in Katsushika Ward (TV Asahi)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police utilized a sting operation in netting a woman, 31, in the attempted fraud of a man in Katsushika Ward, reports TBS News (June 29).

On Wednesday, police arrested Miki Yaezu at a location near Keisei Tateishi Station after she arrived with the intention of allegedly collecting 2 million yen in cash from the man whose brother an associate impersonated on the telephone.

Yaezu, who has been charged with attempted fraud, admits to the allegations.

Prior to her arrest, the associate pretended to be the younger brother of the man on the telephone, falsely telling him that he needed money to cover a bank check he had lost.

Yaezu is believed to be a subordinate member of a fraud ring. During the conversation on the telephone, the man noticed some inconsistencies and alerted police, according to TV Asahi (June 29). Police were then waiting for her upon her arrival at the meeting police. According to investigators, it is rare for a ring to utilize a woman to retrieve cash.