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Tokyo cops use DNA analysis to nab man in ’08 robbery

Atsushi Kameoka
Tokyo police have arrested Atsushi Kameoka in the robbery of a store in Setagaya Ward in 2008

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police used a DNA analysis in the apprehension of a 38-year-old man over a robbery at a store in Setagaya Ward nearly one decade ago, reports NHK (June 13).

In April of 2008, Atsushi Kameoka, a restaurant employee in Osaka, allegedly broke into the store, located in the Kitazawa area, and held a knife to a female employee while stealing 100,000 yen from a register.

Kameoka, who has been charged with robbery, has told police that he wishes to speak with a lawyer before commenting on the case.

With the statute of limitations for the Setagaya case set to expire in 10 months, police re-opened the investigation this year.

At the time of the incident, Kameoka did not have a criminal record. However, he was later apprehended in a separate case.

Police then arrested Kameoka after the results of a DNA analysis of material found on the knife used in the robbery proved to be a match for him.