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Tokyo cops: Nakano Ward employee obtained private information of women he sexually assaulted

Kenichiro Takahashi
Kenichiro Takahashi

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have re-arrested a former temporary staff member of the Nakano Ward office for allegedly using his position to obtain personal information on women whom he targeted in a variety of crimes, reports Jiji Press (Jan. 11).

On three occasions beginning in 2014, Kenichiro Takahashi, 29, trespassed onto the balcony of the third-floor apartment of a woman, aged in her 20s, to film her underwear hanging out to dry. He subsequently accessed a computer system of the office to obtain her personal information.

Takahashi, who has been charged with violating a local ordinance related to the protection of personal information, has declined to comment on the allegations.

According to police, the suspect accessed the same system to obtain the names, addresses and ages of women living in the ward between 2014 and 2016. A check of his personal computer and mobile phone revealed the personal information of 50 women likely obtained illegally.

In July of last year, Takahashi was first arrested for sexually assaulting five women whose residences he trespassed inside. He is now under prosecution for indecent assault. Of the five victims, he allegedly obtained the personal information of three via the same system after the crimes.