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Tokyo cops nab man in theft of game consoles, manga

Shigeo Suzuki
Shigeo Suzuki

TOKYO TR) – A man was arrested for allegedly stealing game consoles and manga comic books from over empty homes for reselling, police said on Tuesday.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested Shigeo Suzuki, 36, a carpenter, for allegedly smashing a window of an apartment in Katsushika Ward in January and sneaking inside to steal 35 items, including a Nintendo 3DS and manga, valued at around 46,000 yen, reports TBS News (Mar. 14).

Suzuki, who has been charged with theft, admits to the charges, telling police he “likes games and manga, and I went for them because I can negotiate prices when I flip them.”

Suzuki focused on stealing game consoles and manga from at least 20 empty homes in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture to sell to secondhand shops, police investigating the case said.

“I have been doing it in Kanagawa, Saitama, Ibaraki, and Chiba prefectures since June 2014,” Nippon News Network quoted Suzuki as saying (Mar. 14).