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Tokyo cops: Man changed clothes to evade arrest for fraud

Masatsugu Takizawa
Masatsugu Takizawa (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 22-year-old man who attempted to avoid apprehension for fraud by changing his clothes, reports Fuji News Network (May 19).

According to police, an elderly couple in Katsushika Ward was told on the telephone by a person impersonating their grandson that he needed 1 million yen.

Masatsugu Takizawa later arrived at the residence to collect the cash. Sensing something suspicious about the matter, the couple alerted police.

Officers later found Takizawa near the residence wearing different clothing. However, he was in possession of a bag containing a suit that an eyewitness said he was wearing upon his arrival at the residence.

Upon his arrest for fraud, Takizawa admitted to the allegations.

“A stop-gap measure”

In a separate case, a quick-thinking officer apprehended a suspect in the swindle of an elderly woman in Nakano Ward.

After the woman was falsely told about a reimbursement of medical expenses on the telephone, Makoto Anai arrived at her residence and collected an ATM card, according to Nippon News Network (May 21).

While attempting to withdraw cash at a machine, an officer spotted Anai behaving suspiciously and began questioning him.

“I took it as part-time employment, a stop-gap measure in place of regular work,” the suspect told police in admitting to charges of fraud.