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Tokyo cops continue crackdown on full-sex scams in Kabukicho

Naruhiko Ota
Naruhiko Ota

TOKYO (TR) – As a part of a crackdown on bait-and-switch prostitution scams taking place in the Kabukicho red-light district, Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted a rental accommodation for defrauding a customer, reports Nippon News Network (Nov. 30).

In September, a male Chinese tourist tourist in his 30s paid a street tout 88,000 yen after being told that he would receive full sex, which is illegal under the Anti-Prostitution Law, from a woman at rental accommodation Lovely Spot 24.

When the customer visited the business, however, the promised woman never arrived. The customer then lodged a complaint at a nearby police box.

On November 25, police arrested Naruhiko Ota, 28, and a Chinese national, 32, both of whom are employees at the rental accommodation.

Earlier in November, police made two other arrests for similar scams carried out at the same rental accommodation.

Since the start of the year, police have received at least 450 complaints from victims of scams involving the use of rental accommodations. Of that total, 110 of the cases have involved customers being defrauded by Lovely Spot 24.