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Tokyo cops conclude dogs mauled transgender man’s face after suicide

The 28-year-old boyfriend of Yoshi Tsuchida
The 28-year-old boyfriend of Yoshi Tsuchida (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have concluded that the face of a 38-year-old transgender man was eaten by his pet dogs after he committed suicide at his residence in Fussa City last year, reports Nippon News Network (Feb. 19).

According to police, Yoshi Tsuchida took a lethal dose of sleeping pills and placed a plastic bag over his head inside the apartment, located in the Musashinodai area, on November 12.

At approximately 5:30 p.m. that day, Tsuchida’s 28-year-old boyfriend, who also lives in the residence, found his body with the bag over the face inside a bedroom. The skin of its face had been sliced off and the nose shaved down.

After an examination of the wounds to the face, police concluded that they were not the result of the use of a knife. It was later determined that Yoshida’s two pet chihuahuas had mauled his face after an examination of the wounds revealed revealed the presence of the DNA of the animals.

Police believe that the dogs reached Yoshida’s face by chewing through the bag, which contained a number of holes.

In December, the results of a pathology examination on the body revealed the cause of death to be medicinal poisoning following the intake of large quantities of the drug Etizolam, which is often used as a sleeping pill.

The boyfriend, who claims to also be the adopted son of Yoshida, is currently receiving female hormone injections. Tsuchida had previously undertaken a sex-change operation.