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Tochigi: Male corpse found below 200-meter-tall Nikko bridge

Roppozawa Bridge
A male corpse was found below the 200-meter-tall Roppozawa Bridge in Nikko City on Saturday
TOCHIGI (TR) – Tochigi Prefectural Police have launched an investigation following the discovery of a male corpse below a bridge in Nikko City , reports the Shimotsuke Shimbun (Dec. 24).

On Friday, a maintenance worker for the Roppozawa Bridge reported to police what was believed to be a body in the ravine below the roughly 200-meter-tall structure.

Officers fro the Imaichi Police Station located the body, clothed in a red and blue long-sleeve shirt, black jacket and blue pants, at around 9:45 a.m. the following day. He was in possession of an Omega wristwatch.

The man, whose estimated age is not known, stood at a height up to 170 centimeters, police said.

Though police believe the man leaped from the bridge, the cause of death is under investigation. Police are also attempting to confirm his identity.