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Police seize record ¥3 billion in ‘dangerous drugs’ in Kawasaki raid

Manabu Iwamura
Manabu Iwamura (TV Asahi)

TOKYO (TR) – Law enforcement here on Thursday revealed the seizure of a record amount of so-called “dangerous drugs” from a residence in Kawasaki City that was being used as a headquarters for trafficking, reports NHK (Nov. 9).

According to the Kanto Narcotics Control Department, officers entered the residence and found about 180 kilograms of dangerous drugs and materials for their production in September. Also discovered was raw materials for the mixing of the drugs, including 1.6 tons of herbs.

The contraband has an estimated value of 3 billion yen, making the confiscation the largest on record.

Police have accused Manabu Iwamura, a 50-year-old resident of Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, and five other male and female persons of violating the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Act. Iwamura was sent to prosecutors on Thursday.

During questioning Iwamura admitted to the allegations, telling police that the business accumulated between 20 million yen and 30 million yen in sales per month over the past two years.

5,000 customers

Iwamura managed an internet site that was used to broker sales for 5,000 customers nationwide. Transactions were conducted using the virtual currency bicoin and overseas accounts.

The drugs are considered illegal in Japan due to the presence of chemical compounds related to nitrous acid. The possession and use of the drugs became illegal three years ago. The drugs are to be inhaled and produce a short-lived euphoric sensation.