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Nagoya cops bust casino for confining indebted customers, make 7 arrests

Milano in Nagoya
Milano in Nagoya
TOKYO (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police on Tuesday busted a casino in Nagoya’s Naka Ward for confining non-paying customers and operating illegally, reports Chunichi Shimbun (June 5).

Officers took the manager of Milano, 38-year-old Ryusuke Hagiwara, and two other employees into custody for allegedly locking a 41-year-old male construction employee and a 28-year-old female restaurant worker inside the casino for a two-hour period on Monday afternoon. The suspects had demanded that the pair pay debts of than 10 million in debts accrued from playing baccarat.

Hagiwara has reportedly admitted to the allegations while the other two suspects have denied that any such confinement occurred.

The head proprietor of Milano, 64-year-old Yoshinori Katayama, and three other employees were also charged with running a gambling operation for the purpose of gain. All four suspects have reportedly admitted to the allegations.