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Man whose corpse found dismembered in Hamamatsu ‘burdened with debt’

Yuto Demachi
Yuto Demachi

SHIZUOKA (TR) – Shizuoka Prefectural Police suspect that money problems may have led to the killing of a man whose body was found dismembered earlier this month at a lake in Hamamatsu City, reports the Hokkaido Shimbun (July 21).

A female acquaintance of Yuto Demachi, a 32-year-old man from Hokkaido Prefecture whose body was found scattered at Okuhamana Lake, is quoted by the paper as saying, “He was burdened with a debt of 200,000 yen to a person in Shizuoka.”

According to the report, police are questioning a man, currently in custody on suspicion of an unrelated theft, about Demachi. They are also searching the man’s apartment in Hamamatsu.

On July 8, police were alerted to the lake by a person reporting the discovery of a right leg cut at the thigh. Police later found a head and left leg on a shore at the mouth of a river; a torso with both arms attached was also found nearby.

A DNA analysis of the remains proved to be a match for Demachi. Based on the decay of the body parts, he is believed to have died between two and seven days before the discovery.

With a stab wound to the abdomen having been determined as the cause of death, police are treating the case as murder.