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Man, 31, accused of growing marijuana in riverbed in Hachioji

Masatoshi Ogasawara
Tokyo police have accused Masatoshi Ogasawara of cultivating marijuana in a dry riverbed in Hachioji City (TBS News)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 31-year-old man over the alleged cultivation of marijuana in Hachioji City, reports TBS News (Aug. 9).

In October, Masatoshi Ogasawara, a resident of Kawaguchicho in Hachoji, is alleged to have raised seven marijuana plants, weighing a total of 170 grams, in a dry riverbed near his residence.

During questioning, Ogasawara said that he cultivated the marijuana for his personal use. He claimed that he received the seeds for the plants from a foreigner and learned the cultivation process from the internet.

According to NHK (Aug. 9), the matter came to light when a Tokyo government worker involved in construction work nearby noticed the plants. After the worker notified police, Ogasawara was apprehended when he was seen watering the plants.