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Kanagawa cops: Man admits to burglarizing dozens of dormitories

Tatsuo Nakamura
Tatsuo Nakamura

KANAGAWA (TR) – Kanagawa Prefectural Police have arrested a 64-year-old man who admits to stealing valuables from dozens of company dormitories in the Kanto area, reports Jiji Press (Jan. 6).

Between November 24 and 28, Tatsuo Nakamura allegedly trespassed into a dormitory of a large chemical company located in Kawasaki City and stole 5,000 yen in cash.

According to police, the suspect used the ladder for an emergency staircase to access the roof of the four-floor structure. He then entered a room on the fourth floor by breaking a pane of glass.

Police have confirmed 32 incidents from last year in which dormitories in seven locations in Kanagawa were broken into.

Nakamura, who has been charged with theft, told police that he has committed similar crimes on approximately 70 occasions in Saitama and Kanagawa prefectures. “I targeted company dormitories during the week when nobody was around,” the suspect is quoted by police.