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Neighborhood council head, 79, suspected of illicit encounters with young girls

Takashi Maeda
Takashi Maeda allegedly paid a school girl 10,000 yen for an illicit encounter at his residence in Koto Ward earlier this month (TV Asahi)

TOKYO (TR) – The head of a neighborhood council is believed to have solicited a number of school girls for illicit encounters at his residence, reports TV Asahi (Aug. 24).

On August 11, Takashi Maeda, 79, allegedly paid 10,000 yen to a girl, 13, to engage in acts deemed obscene at his residence in Koto Ward.

“The money was a birthday gift, not for obscene acts,” the suspect told police.

As the chief of the neighborhood council, Maeda presides over students as they commute to and from school. Through this activity, the suspect is believed to have gotten to know a lot of children, police said.

A neighbor tells the network that young girls, appearing to be middle school students, are often seen coming and going at Maeda’s residence. Police are currently investigating the suspect for involvement in incidents involving other children.