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Harajuku talent agency busted for upload of film of naked female model

Jun Kabasawa
Jun Kabasawa

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Friday announced the bust of a talent agency in Shibuya Ward for uploading naked footage of a prospective female model to the Internet in January, reports TV Asahi (May 15).

On Wednesday, officers took Jun Kabasawa, the 38-year-old president of Geino Pro Harajuku H, and five other employees into custody for allegedly uploading the footage of the woman that was taken without her knowledge while she changed clothes in a dressing room. Police seized bras and underwear from the agency’s offices.

Kabasawa, who has been charged with violating a law restricting the distribution of “revenge porn,” has denied the allegations.

The model was solicited in the street near JR Harajuku Station. After the suspect explained that the agency recruits for a number of areas in the entertainment industry, the victim agreed to participate in an underwear survey.

The footage was uploaded to a site in which viewers pay a fee. Since May of last year, Geino Pro Harajuku H has earned 3.9 million yen in revenue from such sites.