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Gunma cops nab enka singer in theft of women’s underwear

From the web site of Jiro Hoshi
From the web site of Jiro Hoshi

GUNMA (TR) – Gunma Prefectural Police have arrested a 67-year-old male enka singer in the theft of women’s underwear in Ota City, reports TBS News (Aug. 10).

Hiroyuki Takazawa, who performs under the name Jiro Hoshi, allegedly entered the balcony of a first floor residence belonging to a male office worker, 20, and stole one pair of his wife’s underwear.

Takazawa, who has been charged with theft, admits to the allegations. “I became lonely,” the suspect is quoted by the Ota Police Station. “I’ve done this before.”

After the alleged crime, the woman’s husband noted the license plate of Takazawa’s vehicle as he fled the scene. A subsequent search of the suspect’s residence, located in Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture, revealed about 20 pairs of women’s underwear.

In 2009, Wing Japan released Takazawa’s single “I’ll Surely Return to Hakodate.”