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Gravure idol Mitsu Dan continues to promote energy efficiency in the home

Mitsu Dan
Mitsu Dan tours an interior of a model home of the future in Shinjuku Ward (NHK)

TOKYO (TR) – Popular gravure idol Mitsu Dan last week continued in her role as Home Energy Conservation Ambassador by touring an interior of a model home of the future that the environment ministry hopes will play a role in its plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reports NHK (Jan. 17).

On January 17, Dan, 36, toured a showroom of a large manufacturer of housing equipment that allowed her to experience two different residences, one constructed under energy regulations adopted in 1979 and another that is said to be outfitted for the future.

With the outside temperature outside the windows set to 0 degrees Celsius, the older version seemed a “chilly,” Dan said. Meanwhile, its future improvement, which includes sealed double-pane windows and high-performing insulation, was noticeably more comfortable under the conditions, the idol observed.

“I thought that the old house was reasonably comfortable, but the house of the future is evolving so much that I have a sense of relief in that winter is not so intimidating,” Dan said.

According to the manufacturer, the cost to heat the new residence is about one-fourth that of the old version. About 80 percent of all residences in Japan were constructed under the old standards.

Last year, the Ministry of the Environment enlisted Dan as ambassador due to the similarities between her full name and two key elements in promoting energy efficiency for the home: dannetsu (insulation) and kimitsu (airtight).

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The ministry has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from households by approximately 40 percent between by 2030 compared to that of 2013.

“Energy-efficient housing not only reduces costs for electricity but also keeps the inside of the house at the proper temperature,” said Masaharu Nakagawa, the Minister of the Environment, at the time of Dan’s appointment.