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Boxing’s Kameda Gym warned over gangsters at matches

Gangsters have appeared ringside at matches featuring fighters from Kameda Gym
Gangsters have appeared ringside at matches featuring fighters from Kameda Gym

TOKYO (TR) – The Japan Boxing Commission (JBC) has warned the Kameda Gym about gangster ties following a meeting with police officials on the attendees at a match in August, reports Yukan Fuji (Oct. 2).

As a part of a World Boxing Council double-title card on August 31, Japan’s Koki Kameda beat Mexico’s David De La Mora in a unanimous decision to retain his bantam-weight crown at the Budokan in Tokyo. Kameda, who is one of the three “Kameda Brothers” at Kameda Gym, located in the capital’s Katsushika Ward, knocked De La Mora down in the third round — a key event in the match’s outcome.

More interesting to the organized crime division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, however, was that seated ring-side were members of an organized crime group. (It should be noted that Yukan Fuji found it necessary to inform its readership that the ring girls that evening included large-breasted gravure idols Yuko Kumada, Anri Sugihara, and Yu Tejima.)

Nationwide anti-gang legislation that started on October 1 prohibits ordinary citizens from doing business transactions with gangsters.

In August, television personality Shinsuke Shimada resigned from show business after it was revealed that he had a relationship with an upper member of the Yamaguchi-gumi. The next month, the Japan Racing Association revoked the license of horse trainer Michifumi Kono over ties to a member of an organized crime group.

JBC executive secretary Ken Morita was made aware of the findings by the metropolitan police two days after Kameda’s match. Kameda Gym told the secretary that it had no knowledge of the matter and emphasized that tickets are not being intentionally supplied to gangsters.