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Beautician accused of posing as delivery man to rape girl pleads innocence in court

Hiroyuki Notsu
Hiroyuki Notsu

TOKYO (TR) – A 39-year-old man accused of posing as a deliveryman to rape a girl in Shinjuku Ward last year has entered an innocent plea at the opening of his trial, reports TBS News (Nov. 6 ).

On the evening of August 23, Hiroyuki Notsu, the deputy manager of a beauty parlor, entered the residence of the girl, aged 18 at the time, while dressed in a home deliveryman uniform and demanded money. After taking 1,000 yen from the girl, who lives by herself, he sexually assaulted her.

“From the outset, I was there to steal from her, not sexually assault her,” Notsu told the Tokyo District Court on Monday. The defense is claiming that indecent assault is the more suitable charge in the case.

In supporting its claim, the prosecution pointed out that Notsu grabbed the arm of the girl in dragging her while fleeing the residence. He also pushed down the victim’s head while demanding money.