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Aichi first prefecture to ban ‘JK’ businesses

Kawaii Cafe
On Saturday, police raided parlor Kawaii Juku in Nagoya

NAGOYA (TR) – Due to fears of sexual exploitation, Aichi will be the first prefecture in the nation to prohibits illicit businesses featuring high school girls attired in provocative costumes, reports the Asahi Shimbun (June 30).

The ban, which prohibits minors from entertaining men with activities such as private strolls, the serving of alcohol, massages and photo sessions at parlors and bars, is based on a revised ordinance regarding the wholesome upbringing of young people. It goes into effect on July 1.

The businesses come under the designation “JK,” an abbreviation for joshi kosei, or high school girl. In recent years, such businesses have been increasingly viewed as a hot bed of teenage prostitution.

Aichi Prefectural Police intend to enforce the new regulation upon the approximately 140 JK businesses currently in operation in the prefecture. Violators will be ordered to suspend operations for up to six months. Imprisonment of extending for one year and a fine of up to 500,000 yen are also possible.

Aichi is the first prefecture to initiate such a comprehensive ban on all JK operations. In Kanagawa Prefecture, the use of private rooms by JK businesses is prohibited. In Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, which includes the popular Akihabara district, there is a restriction on the street solicitation of customers.