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Adult bookstore manager in Tochigi demands woman strip in parking tiff

Outside the bookstore in Mooka City
Outside the bookstore in Mooka City

TOCHIGI (TR) – Tochigi Prefectural Police have arrested the manager of an adult bookstore in Mooka City for allegedly forcing a woman to strip naked in compensation over a parking dispute, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Aug. 1).

On July 25, Katsuya Furukuchi, 51, allegedly threatened to kill the boyfriend of the woman, 20, after they parked their vehicle without permission in the lot of the store, located in the Tonoji area. After the suspect then demanded that the woman strip nude as a means of apology, he took a photograph of her.

Furukuchi, who has been charged with making threats and indecent assault, partially denies the charges. “As to her being nude, she gave her consent,” the suspect is quoted by officers from the Utsunomiya Minami Police Station, according to Fuji News Network (Aug. 2).

The night before the incident, the couple parked their vehicle in the store’s lot while visiting an acquaintance nearby. In order to prevent the couple from leaving the scene, the suspect blocked their vehicle with his car.

The alleged crime took place when the couple came to retrieve their vehicle. They then reported the incident to police.