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Michelin-starred restaurant shuts after 14 diners suffer food poisoning

Kita Kamakura Saryo Gentoan in Kamakura City
Kita Kamakura Saryo Gentoan in Kamakura City

KANAGAWA (TR) – The government of Kanagawa Prefecture has forced a Michelin-starred restaurant in Kamakura City to close temporarily after more than a dozen diners suffered symptoms of food poisoning earlier this month, reports TBS News (June 22).

After dining at Kita Kamakura Saryo Gentoan on June 11, a total of 14 male and female customers, aged between 28 and 80, reported experiencing diarrhea and stomach pains. None of the victims were hospitalized. A total of 32 customers visited the restaurant that day.

The government has prohibited the restaurant from re-opening until sanitation methods are improved and the cause of the poisoning determined.

Over four years beginning in 2011, Gentoan received a one-star ranking in the “Michelin Guide Tokyo Yokohama Shonan.”

Gentoan specializes in kaiseki ryori, which is a meal served in courses in which the ingredients are a reflection of the current season. Among the dishes served at the restaurant on the day of the poisoning were reef squid and sea urchin.