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82-year-old Hyogo man arrested for stealing women’s underwear

Hyogo police arrested
Hyogo police arrested an 82-year-old man over the alleged theft of women’s underwear
HYOGO (TR) – Hyogo Prefectural Police on Monday announced the arrest an 82-year-old man for stealing women’s underwear, reports Sports Nippon (Jan. 20).

At 11:10 a.m. on Sunday, a 59-year-old woman saw Tsuyoshi Matsusue snatch a single pair of beige briefs drying on a line in the garden of her home.

After the suspect fled the scene, the victim’s husband gave chase. He was apprehended 200 meters from the couple’s home and brought before a police officer.

“Because I liked the smell I stole them,” the suspect is quoted by police in admitting to the allegations.

Matsusue told police that this is the first time he has committed such a theft. Investigators are now attempting to obtain details of the incident and whether the suspect is connected to other crimes.

Sports Nippon says that seniors have been active in a number of salacious crimes in the past year.

Last October, Tokyo Metropolitan Police busted a “tea” club that sought senior citizens through newspaper advertisements.

Four months before, Tokyo police cracked down on a prostitution club in Toshima Ward specializing in elderly women.