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Minori Chihara acknowledges affair with violinist Koichiro Muroya

TOKYO (TR) – Popular voice actress Minori Chihara on Tuesday acknowledged a report in weekly magazine that claimed that she had been engaged in an extra-marital affair with violinist Koichiro Muroya.

According to the May 26 issue of Flash, Chihara, 39, had been seeing Muroya, who has a wife and children, for six years.

“It is basically factual,” said Chihara on her blog in referring to the article. “No matter how much time has passed, what I have done, of course, is unacceptable. I am continuing to feel remorse, and I would like to apologize to my family.”

Chihara has appeared in a number of anime series since 2004. She is widely known as the voice of Yuki Nagato in “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.”

She is a solo vocalist for label Lantis. Her last album, “Spiral,” reached number 22 on the Oricon weekly album chart upon its release in 2018.

Meanwhile, Muroya, also 39, plays violin on a number of Chihara’s works. His performances appear in a number of anime titles, including the soundtracks for “Attack on Titan” and “Mobile Suit Gundam.”

Minori Chihara (Twitter)

“Egotistical behavior”

Chihara implied that the relationship with Muroya had ended ended. “For the first time in a few years, we dined together last
February,” she continued. “For me, Muroya is an important friend and colleague who supports my music.”

Flash also reported that Chihara is currently dating another married man. “He is a good friend,” she wrote. “Our ages are very close. So it’s easy for me to consult with him about work, go out for meals and ask him to take care of my personal computer. My egotistical behavior led to a misunderstanding.”

Chihara added, “I think of my home as being partly a workplace. So persons, whether men or women, are invited freely, but in taking into considereation my profession and position, my behavior was very careless.”