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More Tokyo sex clubs employing virgins

Spa! June 25
Spa! June 25

Last year, the Japanese Association of Sex Education conducted a survey among joshi daisei (female college co-eds) regarding sexual experience. Of the respondents, 53 percent claimed to be virgins.

Spa! (June 25) says that this rather high rate is reflected in recruits entering Japan’s sex industry.

A sex-trade advertising executive tells the tabloid that women lacking sexual experience typically do not enter the world of adult entertainment. “In days past, about a once a year I’d hear about a club that has employed a virgin,” says the source. “But nowadays, the frequency is escalating.”

The exec says that he has received requests about whether there are media outlets accepting ads for clubs employing virgins. To be sure, these shops do not offer honban (full sex), otherwise truth in advertising would go out the window after the first customer and there would be complications related to the Anti-Prostitution Law.

“In March, I had four inquiries. They were mostly from onakura joints,” the exec says.

An onakura establishment, literally a masturbation club, allows a customer to pleasure himself in front of a masseuse or — under the right circumstances —- allow her to provide a hand-job.

The manager of a Tokyo hote heru (“hotel health”) operation — basically a call-girl service — says he receives applications from girls who are virgins and formerly worked in onakura establishments.

“The majority of the girls claiming to be virgins are telling the truth. You can tell in the interviews,” he says. “There are a lot of girls who are shy, who come across like geeks — there is something a bit off. Customers find it hard to believe as well but there are clues.”

For example, he says, in basic training the virgin girls become highly sensitive when a finger is inserted down there. “She’ll quickly question, ‘Ah, what’s going on?'”

One such establishment is Virgin Health, located in the Kinshicho entertainment area. The fees at the club, which utilizes the driver-in-training symbol on its Web site, begin at 16,000 yen for 60 minutes.

The manager of an imekura (“image club”) — which is an establishment featuring girls in costumes — says the tendency is also infiltrating otaku culture.

“Our bread and butter is in providing services appealing to those interested in cosplay and moe fetishes,” says the manager. “So our applicants tend to be geeks.”

These girls may be experts in playing erotic video games, but they’ve never had actual sex. “Of course, a lot of them are nervous during the interview process,” he says. “But many have a lot of composure. Other types are those who have worked at reflexology salons, where they have experience in administering sensual services. So they come here to go a step further and make more money.”

Source: “Shojo ritsu josho totomoni shojo fuzoku-jo mo zokachu!?” Spa! (June 25, page 25)