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Tora! Tora! Tora! attack at the Taito hote-toru

A parlor in Uguisudani

Reading between their lurid lines, some tabloid articles nevertheless manage to convey redeeming social value. Others, however, are simply smutty for their own sake, with no purpose other than to wheedle a woody from their male readers.

This story is definitely one of the latter.

The correspondent, who goes by the nom de plume “Namedaruma Oyakata,” reports in Nikkan Gendai (Mar. 14) that the number of foreign females coming to Japan for short term stays — during which time they make money by performing quickies — has been soaring.

He then proceeds to provide a raunchy account of his romp with a South Korean hote-toru call girl. Hote-toru is derived from “hotel” and toruko (Turkey) and by extension toruko buro (Turkish bath), a type of erotic bathhouse whose name was driven from usage in the 1980s due to political correctness and replaced with “soapland.”

Procuring a hote-toru service requires the customer to check into a love hotel, in this case one of the 61 such establishments clustered around JR Uguisudani Station in Tokyo’s Taito Ward, and then telephone to the service, giving the name of the hotel and room number.

“Sit tight, a pretty girl will be coming right away,” says the female receptionist in a husky voice.

Ten minutes later the chimes sound and he opens the door to his room to find a lovely Korean lady, about 170cm tall and with fair complexion, smiling outside.

“Will I do?” she asks him in passable Japanese. He readily agrees and inviting her inside hands her the agreed-upon stipend of 20,000 yen.

The two use the complimentary toothbrushes for a quick mouth rinse and then strip to their birthday suits for some soapy skinship in the shower.

As she lathers up his pecker, he praises her pulchritude, getting a radiant “Arigato!” in return.

While reclining on the bed, the gal, whose name is not given, says she has made frequent visits to Japan, working as a hostess in night clubs or in the sex trade.

“Well, shall we get going?” she asks. He then rolls over into her open arms and begins tonguing her breasts and pudenda, an activity which produces gasps of pleasure.

They assume the 69 position and her intense ministrations to his “junior” soon has him close to shooting off, so he pulls away. Slipping on a condom, Namedaruma Oyakata parts her long legs, hops atop her in the missionary position and plunges…away…until…blurting — or rather spurting — “AMEN!!”

Source: “Kyuzo!? Uguisudani no Kankoku-kei no hotetoru e,” Nikkan Gendai, (Mar. 14, page 28)