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Tokyo cops: JR employee in sex-for-contracts probe

Hideyuki Tominaga
Hideyuki Tominaga
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Friday arrested an employee of Japan Railways Group and a manager of an electronics firm in a bribery probe, reports TV Asahi (April 11).

Yusuku Saegusa, a 47-year-old manager at electronics company Kanaden, is alleged to have paid for 430,000 yen for visits by Hideyuki Tominaga, a 45-year-old head of the development division of Japan Freight Railway, to fuzoku (sex-related) establishments in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Police allege that the payments, which took place on seven occasions between June of 2012 and August of last year, were for Kanaden to more easily obtain construction work from Japan Freight Railway.

Both suspects, who have been accused of bribery, have reportedly admitted to the allegations.

Under the Japan Railway Group corporate law, employees must adhere to protocol similar to that of government workers, according to Nippon News Network (April 11).