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Saitama man accused of dumping woman’s corpse met her via sex service

Shukan Shincho Nov. 10
Shukan Shincho Nov. 10

Registering with the so-called “S-toroku” system allows a person being stalked to have his or her phone number entered with law enforcement so that emergency calls can be placed easily.

In July, Shiori Nakamoto, a 24-year-old resident of Tokyo’s Meguro Ward, applied due to the recent behavior of her former boyfriend, 50-year-old Keitaro Saga.

Two months later, she was dead. Or at least, that is the claim of Saga; her body has yet to be found. He says he dumped her dismembered corpse after killing her — a disturbing end to a relationship that began via the world’s oldest profession, reports Shukan Shincho (Nov. 10).


Saga is a resident of Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. In nearby Nishi Kawaguchi, a vibrant commercial sex industry thrives in the area around the main train station.

Using a pseudonym, Saga was a regular customer within the district, often requesting women from a low-priced “delivery health” out-call service. On September 10, he brought one female employee from the service to a love hotel.

“Saga asked his escort, ‘What’s been going on with Yuri-chan?’ The female employee didn’t actually know,” an investigator with the Saitama Prefectural Police tells the magazine. “So she said, ‘I’ve got no idea,’ but he attacked and raped her. She later consulted with police.”

“Yuri” is the name that Nakamoto used when she was employed at the service. The employee who was sexually assaulted informed the service’s manager that Saga had asked about Nakamoto. The manager then told Nakamoto who in turn consulted with officers from the Meguro Police Station, who advised her to “take refuge” at a hotel or the home of her parents.

But Saga moved quickly.

“I waited a few hours in the apartment building”

On the night of September 16, Saga, staked out Nakamoto’s apartment building while dressed in a wig until she came home from work at around 11:00 p.m. “Dressed (as a woman), I waited a few hours in the apartment building,” he was quoted by police in a previous report. “I then entered her unit after calling out to her.”

Saga told police that they then got into a fight over an unpaid loan he had extended to her. The following morning, he stabbed her with a fruit knife. He subsequently carved up her body with a saw in the bathroom.

Using a rented car, Saga then carried the pieces of her corpse in a suitcase and bags. He dumped the body parts in the Tone River in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture and the Arakawa River in Toda City, Saitama.

Earlier this week, police found the smartphone of Nakamoto beneath a bridge of the Arakawa at the border of Toda and Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward. However, Nakamoto’s remains have yet to be found.

Released 11 days after arrest

In November of last year, Saga first met the victim while she was employed part-time at the delivery health service. They subsequently lived together until the relationship ended this past March. It was around this time that she temporarily resigned from the service.

“He offered her 600,000 yen to help her move,” says a person affiliated with the service. “That is how he knew the location of her apartment in Meguro.”

Police suspect the body of Shiori Nakamoto was carved up and dumped by her ex-boyfriend
Police suspect the body of Shiori Nakamoto was carved up and dumped by her ex-boyfriend

In July, Saga found her photo on the web page of the service. “He called her out,” an investigator tells the magazine. “‘What are you doing working here?’ he demanded. He then beat her.”

She consulted with police, which led to Saga’s arrest under the Anti-Stalking Law. However, he was released from custody 11 days later after agreeing in writing to not approach Nakamoto.

“When he was released, Tokyo police registered Nakamoto with S-toroku,” says the aforementioned investigator.

On the night of the incident, police, however, did not receive a distress call from Nakamoto.

Saga was arrested by Tokyo police on charges of abandoning a corpse on October 25.

Source: “Meguro barabara satsujin no doki to natta higaisha kinmu no yasugiru fuzoku-ten,” Shukan Shincho (Nov. 10, page 32)