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Off to Otsuka for action with Tokyo OLs

Shukan Jitsuwa Jan. 30
Shukan Jitsuwa Jan. 30
It wasn’t long ago that Tokyo’s Otsuka red-light district was known for its numerous “pink salons” — which offer blow-jobs for reasonable prices — and “delivery health” establishments featuring call-girls, typically married women who will go all the way.

A fuzoku writer, meaning a scribe covering the sex trade, tells Shukan Jitsuwa (Jan. 30) that over the past one or two years the age range of the working girls has drifted downward dramatically, with office ladies in their 20s and 30s finding work at what are called “date clubs” being the norm.

“The reason is transportation,” says the writer. “Ikebukuro Station is one stop away on the Yamanote Line. That area’s fuzoku area is very visible, easily falling within the public’s eye.”

Last year, the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, which includes Ikebukuro, merged with the Tokyu Toyoko Line at Shibuya Station. At the time, there was speculation that the union would cause more foot traffic through the line’s major hubs, including Ikebukuro.

“There’s only a small chance of being seen in Otsuka by an acquaintance,” continues the writer. “So the area is a suitable location for secret side work.”

Intrigued, a writer for the magazine exists a Yamanote train at JR Otuska Station and heads out the North Exit. The shopping street before him is filled with the aforementioned pink salons and restaurants.

“It used to be that Otsuka was known for daytime fun, usually as provided by jukujo housewives shrewdly working on the sly,” says an employee at a sex club referral desk. “But nowadays we have ‘after 7:00 p.m.’ ladies working here.”

The writer decides on Sayuri, 24, who, conveniently, is available after 7:00 p.m. With a slender body and sharp sense of fashion, she appears to be well worth the fee: 20,000 yen for 90 minutes — love hotel charges extra — which includes permission to ejaculate inside her vagina.

When Sayuri arrives, she is 20 minutes late due to overtime work at her office at the designated location (in front of a convenience store) and offers an apology. The writer accepts — citing her adorable appearance — and the pair move to a nearby coffee shop.

Sayuri tells him that she works at a travel agency, with her dream being to travel to a number of different countries. He then wonders how she started working in an industry in which she has sex with strange men. “I don’t remember,” she giggles.

At a nearby love hotel, the pair begin on the bed, from where the writer observes that Sayuri’s fair-skinned legs, peeping from beneath her knee-length skirt, are strangely alluring. They then kiss, with the writer running his fingers through her black hair, which still retains a hint of shampoo.

He then removes her blouse, and her bra after that, whereby he is pleasantly surprised at the tenderness of her very round breasts. A bit later, her panties hit the floor. “It’s so embarrassing,” she squeals.

But soon after her steady breathing turns heavy. He then initiates an oral sex session, and the pair continue onward until he is completely satisfied.

“I return home via the Saikyo Line,” Sayuri says after the writer hands her a tissue, “and I’m extremely tired all the time. “But for this club, I go to Otsuka. From Ikebukuro, it is just one stop but during that time I get invigorated. Through this job, I can let myself go.” (A.T.)

Source: “Jukujo no gai ‘Tokyo Otsuka’ ihen ga pichipichi bijin OLsan to nama de yareru 90fun 2manen deeto kurabu sennyu,” Shukan Jitsuwa (Jan. 30, pages 60-61)