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Tokyo massage parlors for women penetrating adult market

Sapio September
Sapio September

Women, it would appear, are thinking about themselves in an increasingly sensual sense, at least if trends in the nation’s tabloid media are an indication.

Earlier this year, Japan’s leading manufacturer of masturbation products for men released a lineup of devices targeting females. This was followed by multiple profiles of the nation’s most popular adult video star.

Now, monthly magazine Sapio (September) reports on how salons offering highly sexual services to women are emerging in the adult-entertainment market.

Fairy Jail Tokyo, which operates on a “delivery health” basis, utilizes oils and powders in its basic three-hour course for ladies. “Our customers range between late 30s to early 40s,” says manager Toma Fujii. “But we also get women in their early 60s.”

Most of the women are housewives and single mothers who desire to be “treated like a woman,” says Fujii.

With their husbands the sex is rough and they never are able to experience an orgasm. “However, with one of my treatments it’s a different matter,” assures the manager.

Fujii tells the magazine that women in sexless relationships lose self-confidence. “Possibly, if they do nothing about that, their anxiety leads there here,” he says.

The treatment costs 15,000 yen. Repeat customers are numerous.

“I’ve had 400 women in for treatments in the last year,” says the manager. “About half are repeaters. I’ve got about 10 women who will use the service once a month. They are mostly housewives.”

Source: “Josei muke fuzokuten kaku no chushin 30dai kohan – 40dai nakaba 60dai kohan mo,” Sapio (September)