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Services of Maria Ozawa up for auction in Shibuya

Weekly Playboy Nov. 23
Weekly Playboy Nov. 23

Buried in the back of Weekly Playboy (Nov. 23) is a report claiming that the lingering recession is resulting in popular adult video (AV) actresses increasingly being auctioned off at top-class sex establishments with none other than starlet Maria Ozawa appearing on the block.

A conventional deri heru (out-call) sex service, the tabloid explains, has an image of being inexpensive, but one staffed with AV ladies is quite the opposite, commanding fees between 30,000 and 50,000 yen a pop for run-of-the-mill actresses and three or four times those figures for top-name talents.

Ozawa, who is half-Canadian and no stranger to the pages of Weekly Playboy, is registered with Club Tora no Ana in Tokyo’s Shibuya entertainment area. A source says that once an asking price of 150,000 yen for 70 minutes with the actress appeared on the club’s Web page a flood of roughly 200 inquiries soon followed.

Chiming in on the the subject is former AV idol Nayuka Mine. “It is already pretty mainstream for not-so-famous AV girls to be employed in the fuzoku trade,” she says of the sex industry. “However, it is rare for someone of this level to make a deri heru debut. I am sure her fans are really excited.”

The article adds that Hiyori Shiraishi, a large-breasted lass lauded for Lolita-like portrayals, has just made her comeback in the AV biz after six years in retirement. She is presently employed on the side at the Minami Azabu branch of Bellagio, located in Tokyo’s Minato Ward.

“She was working as a normal office lady after retirement,” relates a statement from the club, “but this comeback is really for private reasons. So we cannot give any further details than what appears on our Web page. For us, she comes twice a month. The rate is that which is bid by the client and she can accept or deny. So there is no predetermined fee. However, there is a lot of interest in her and that is affecting her availability.”

Weekly Playboy suspects that Shiraishi’s going price is somewhere within Ozawa’s ballpark but the fact that she is receiving a lot of anxious activity means that an appointment is unlikely.

“There’s no chance for first-timers,” explains an AV writer of typical high-end club policies. “In order to reserve a popular actress there are steps involved. First, you have to be a regular. If the shop accepts a customer unfamiliar with appropriate behavior they will receive a claim from the actress’ agency or film production company. A minimum of ten visits with other girls is going to be necessary.”

An editor at an AV magazine, however, says that the trouble is worth the effort. “Once you experience it you become addicted,” the editor enthuses. “The girls are very professional. They know how to administer stimulating techniques, even orally. These methods aren’t ordinary; the girls take the appropriate time and have great pride in their work. They are true pros.”

The tabloid maintains that diversity at these types of clubs, too, is important. “We have girls with different career backgrounds,” boasts the manager at Deep World in the Roppongi entertainment district. “Luna, an actress who just debuted, can perform in such a way that the customer believes he is making her into a star.” Also on the club’s roster is Nana Takeshita, who often performs double-fisted — and let’s just say that does not refer to an uncanny ability for simultaneously holding two containers of alcohol with both hands.

But why the need to go freelance for these gainfully employed gals? “The reasons are simple,” says a member within the AV industry. “They either want extra cash or really like sex. With the recession, the money AV gals receive is on the decline. Until a couple of years ago, film appearance fees ranged between 3 and 4 million yen. Now it is around 2 or 3 million yen. At a deri heru club you can take in 400,000 yen a day — pretty good for side work.”

Some caution, however, should be applied on the part of customers. AV production companies are known for managing fuzoku joints from behind the scenes. A company’s girls will then be employed at the club largely for public relations. It is further possible that it is all a set up simply for publicity.

“Just because a girl’s name and picture appears in ad material it doesn’t mean the offer is for real,” the industry insider says. “If a customer calls numerous times and finds that a reservation is not possible with a desired girl then it is reasonable to think that it is a sham.”

Source: “Daiseikyo AV joyu VIP kei deri heru sonnani iinka!?” Weekly Playboy (Nov. 23, pages 166-67)