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Maria Ozawa, other AV stars peddle flesh in Shibuya

Shukan Taishu May 20
Shukan Taishu May 20
Over the recent Golden Week holidays, a writer for weekly tabloid Shukan Taishu (May 20) began surfing the Net, whereby he discovered a number of adult video (AV) clips. (Yes, dear reader, such developments in digital media cannot get past Taishu reporters.)

Intrigued, the scribe, 56, searched on and eventually stumbled across entries for starlets like Maria Ozawa and Rin Aoki. It is a Website for a deri heru (out-call sex) establishment in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward.

It has been more than three years since Weekly Playboy reported, as dutifully conveyed by The Tokyo Reporter, on the availability of Miss Ozawa at business Tora no Ana (Tiger Hole). This was indeed the same establishment.

In the name of journalism, the reporter decided to get to the bottom of the situation, but likely a lady’s bottom would more than suffice.

“Yes, we work with production agencies that staff the actresses,” the manager of Tora no Ana (@clubtoranoana on Twitter) told him on the phone. “We have about 50 actresses registered.”

There is a ranking system in place. Top level actresses are considered Diamond Tigers, whose rates are negotiable. Platinum Tigers are available for 35,000 yen per hour, with Gold Tigers fetching 22,000 yen for the same period.

The manager said that Miss Ozawa’s rates start at 150,000 yen for 70 minutes. “But as soon as her shifts are disclosed, it only takes few minutes to sell out,” he says. “For girls of her caliber, there are fans across the country who will travel to see her.”

The writer found the cost to be a bit excessive at first, but he then rationalized that the chance for some futon fun with a professional might be too good to pass up considering the only other option available is the trusty, yet well-worn, palm of his right hand.

The writer took the plunge at the Gold level, specifically placing an order for an independent actress who has been featured in numerous high-school-themed titles.

They rendezvous at a love hotel. She removed the reporter’s clothes, leaving him in his underwear and socks. After a shower, they then hit the sack.

“Come closer,” she began, and offered a deep stare that culminated in a long, slow kiss in which she displayed ample dexterity with her tongue.

When he massaged her down there, she naturally opened her legs in an “M” shape. She then rolled over on her side and made her nipples available for a few pinches and squeezes, which made him visibly excited.

“I will lick you,” she said just before elevating his rear so that he had a clear view of the lower half of her shapely body line. A thorough blow-job then finished the session.

The reporter believed that she had re-enacted scenes from her porn films — a theory proven correct after he picked up a number of her…DVDs. Old habits die hard, so to speak.

Source: “Ninki AV joyu to asoberu yume fuuzoku ten sennyu,” Shukan Taishu (May 20, pages 196-197)