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AV actress Yuki Toma and her ‘parent-child relationship’

Flash July 21

TOKYO (TR) – As a third-year high school student in Niigata Prefecture, adult video (AV) actress Yuki Toma found herself pregnant.

Toma married the father of the girl. However, she divorced him due to domestic violence three months after giving birth.

Unbowed, she followed the advice of her mother: Go to Tokyo without your daughter and come back once you’ve re-established your life.

You, dear reader, can probably guess what happens next — but this tale, part of a series in weekly tabloid Flash (July 21) about how actresses in the industry handle explaining their line of work to family members, includes a most unexpected twist.

“I had only 20,000 yen to cover transportation expenses,” she remembers. Upon her arrival in the capital, she saw an advertisement seeking AV actresses for erotic books.

Toma then went to an office for an interview. “I didn’t have any special feelings for eroticism,” she confesses.

“My parents could not say, ‘No'”

She made her AV debut in 2003 after working as a gravure model and a ring girl during martial arts bouts.

However, before first appearing nude in front of the cameras she spoke to parents, knowing that she could not do so without first telling them.

Beforehand, she developed a strategy, which was basically to tell them that only their opinions — and nobody else’s — mattered and she was going to do what she wanted. “In that way, I created a situation where my parents could not say, ‘No,'” she giggles.

Her brother said that she was “shaming” the family. However, her father, who was suffering from an illness, did not comment. Her mother, burdened by taking care of her father and supporting the
family. “She is so strong. I have a lot of respect for her,” Toma tells the tabloid.

Yuki Toma made her AV debut in 2003

“My parents could not say, ‘No'”

Toma resigned from the AV industry in 2007 to get married. She returned four years later after her second divorce.

While working as an AV actress and an employee in the fuzoku(commercial sex) industry, Toma reunited with her daughter. However, when the girl was a sixth-year elementary school student, she learned about Toma’s occupation.

“Suddenly, my daughter sent me a photo. She said, ‘This is my mom, isn’t it?’ I was really frustrated,” Toma remembers. She then went home and had a discussion with the girl.

The girl is now an adult, aged 20. Flash tracked her down to obtain her reaction to that moment. “I kind of assumed she was going to deny it but she basically said, ‘Yes,'” she recalls.

“I became friends with my mother again”

Following in her mother’s footsteps a bit, she went on to drop out of high school and take up work at a massage parlor. She is now an employee at a hostess club.

Does she harbor a grudge about her upbringing?

“There can be hard times,” she tells the magazine. But a simple “thank you” to her mother for raising her changed things. “From that moment on, I became friends with my mother again.”

It’s more than that. Toma is currently working at a “delivery health” service. Meanwhile, her daughter is funneling some of her customers from her hostess club over to mom.

Flash describes it as a “good parent-child relationship” — and, well, who could argue?