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AV action proved to be too hot for Tochigi onsen

Flash June 23
Flash June 23
Since the closure last month of the Fudo no Yu onsen hot springs in Tochigi Prefecture over complaints of lewd behavior, there has been speculation regarding what exactly took place.

Reports have indicated that local residents became irritated by orgies and the filming of adult video (AV) productions on the premises of the mixed-bathing facility, located in Nasushiobara City.

As a service to its readership, weekly tabloid Friday (June 26) flips through its AV archive to deliver the goods.

Actresses Nozomi Hazuki and Kana Ohori appeared in the film “Open-air mixed bathing hot spring village.”

The 120-minute disc, released by label Glory Quest in 2012, shows the actresses engaging in group sex with men in their 40s. With snow accumulated at the edge of the bath, the bathers engaged in three- and four-way action, which included an actress servicing a male orally as another pierced her from behind.

According to Flash (June 23), the erotic antics only escalated over the next few years — and that forced the hand of Fudo no Yu’s management.

“Since Tochigi Prefecture included it in a promotional poster as a popular hot springs destination, to let things continue would harm the area’s image,” says Shigeki Tashiro, the head of the local neighborhood council, regarding the decision to close the hot springs.

There are many hot springs baths in Japan. What made Fudo no Yu so appealing to exhibitionists was 24-hour access to the facility, its lack of managerial supervision — guests paid the 200-yen entry fee via an honor system — and the acceptance of men and women in the same pool.

But what really set Fudo no Yu apart was the closing of Hyakketsu Hot Springs in January of last year. Located in Saitama Prefecture, the onsen had previously been the default location for steamy debauchery in the region.

Compounding the matter was that some of the illicit footage shot at Fudo no Yu was shared on the Internet, where the venue became known for partner-swapping.

“On Internet sites, the participants exchanged information in a secret language,” a former Fudo no Yu enthusiast tells Flash.

But all might not be lost for Fudo no Yu, says the local neighborhood council’s Tashiro.

“Through the implementation of some kind of counter-measures, I would like to revive (the hot springs) as soon as possible,” he says.

Source: “Konyoku onsen wo heisa ni oikonda ‘harenchi AV,’” Flash (June 23, page 73)