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Yoshimoto Kogyo suspends more comedians over ‘anti-social’ birthday party

OSAKA (TR) – Following last week’s suspension of 11 by comedians by talent agency Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. for fraternizing with a so-called “anti-social forces” group, the agency has announced the suspension of two more comedians for the same reason, reports TV Asahi (June 24).

On June 27, Yoshimoto Kogyo said that comedians Ken Maeda and Masanari Uchima participated in a birthday party held by the owner of a restaurant with connections to an anti-social forces group, which is a euphemism for a criminal syndicate.

The comedians, both 43, form the duo Slim Club. They were invited by an acquaintance to attend and were paid, said the agency, which added that neither knew that the party had connections to anti-social forces.

Both comedians issued apologies over the matter, with Uchima describing his attendance as a “thoughtless action.”

Ken Maeda and Masanari Uchima
Ken Maeda (left) and Masanari Uchima (Twitter)

The comedians suspended earlier last week include Hiroyuki Miyasako (49), Ryo Tamura (47), Razor Ramon Hard Gay (43), Yoshinari Fukushima (41), Masashi Kumada (46), Punch Hamasaki (38), Takuhiro Kimura (43), Moody Katsuyama (39), Hiroyuki Yasoshima (35), Hiroshi Tsunemichi (36) and Diego (41).

Five years ago, they attended a gathering organized by a similar group that carries out fraud. The 11 comedians accepted money to attend, the agency said previously.