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Tokyo cops: Yakuza suggested ‘sale of internal organs’ in alleged extortion

Masao Imoto
Masao Imoto (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested four persons, including an organized crime member, over the alleged extortion of a male acquaintance in Minato Ward last year, reports TBS News (Mar. 29).

In December, gang member Masao Imoto, 49, and the other three persons allegedly threatened the acquaintance, a 29-year-old male company employee, into paying about 3.5 million yen in cash over the non-payment of a loan in a coffee shop in Nishi Azabu.

All four of the suspects admit to the allegations, according to police.

The acquaintance had been extended a loan of 27 million yen by the suspects for a gold-related business. During the meeting, one of the suspects suggested that the victim commit to the “sale of internal organs” to repay the amount, police said. “If you show good faith, we will not kill you,” the suspect added.

Previously, the suspects threatened another employee of the same company into paying 1 million yen, police said.